Capitalgram: The DeFi insight

By Mikko Ohtamaa

Hard and uncomfortable insight into cryptocurrency technology, trading and how they will change the society

Hard and uncomfortable insight into cryptocurrency technology, trading and how they will change the society

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Estonia and the slippery slope of banning cryptocurrencies

Estonia recently announced its draft updated cryptocurrency legislation. Based on the English translated draft legislation and the Ministry of Finance comments on it, the outlook for cryptocurrency development and decentralised finance startups in Estonia is …


How your crypto business gets hacked

This week, a prop trading firm lost an eight-figure sum in a classical malicious Microsoft Word attachment hack. In this post, I look at some examples of more serious cyber attacks targetting crypto businesses over the years. These include spearh…


How to money launder Bitcoin

This week, OFAC published their sanctions against Suex, a so-called Bitcoin exchange run by Russians. Suex was responsible for cashing out most of ransomware proceedings. In the light of these events, I published a guide how to money launder your Bitcoin and …


How and why Poly.Network cross-chain bridge lost $666 million dollars

What become the world most expensive hack and bug of all time: Poly Network lost control of more than $600 million dollar crypto assets to a hacker. The growing community of decentralised finance, or DeFi, users watch the drama to unfold in horror.


Scaling Ethereum - EthCC Paris presentations

The EthCC conference was one month ago. It was the first large Ethereum in-person event for one and half years. A lot has happened during this period and a lot of high-quality talks were finally outlining this process.I especially dug through ones on the topi…


Scaling EVM

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is the engine that powers 99% of decentralised finance and stablecoin transactions on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. But EVM is already seven years old. How much mileage EVM has left, what c…


The fall of $TITAN: $2B crash of IRON Finance algorithmic stablecoin

Made famous by a celebrity investor Mark Cuban shilling it on a day before the crash, the algorithmic stablecoin project IRON Finance suffered a catastrophic failure this week. This time, this was not caused by hack, not caused by rug pull of anonymous team, …


Chrome update 91 breaks MetaMask and Ledger: how to fix

Ledger hardware wallet is one of the most popular hardware wallets used with decentralised finance applications. Unfortunately, Chrome team broke the hardware wallet compatibility with their latest 91 update. But no reason to panic: I wrote a quick blog post …


Is NEAR blockchain any good?

A while ago I did a quick research on NEAR protocol. NEAR is one of the first sharded blockchains alongside Elrond. Sharding allows it to scale a vast greater number to throughput than any blockchain today. But is NEAR all hype and far away? Read below.


History and future of cryptocurrencies

Welcome to the second issue of Capitalgram. I presented a guest lecture on the University of Jyvaskyla Blockchain in Digital Business course. Now this lecture is available as the blog post "The history and the future of cryptocurrencies." Please enjoy.


Capitalgram newsletter - Issue #1: Interest-bearing cash

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